About Me

The forms of diseases are many and the healing of them is manifold.

— Hippocrates

I first approached the world of alternative and complementary healthcare formally in 2004 when I started training as a Crystal Therapist and Spiritual Healer. I currently live and work in NE Italy where I also managed a Centre for Alternative and Complimentary Medicine from 2006 to 2011. I have experience both as a healer and organizer of events, conferences, courses and seminars in a vast range of health-related topics and issues. This experience has enabled me to meet healers and doctors from all over the world and gain a comparative insight into the many healing techniques available to the public in general. I am also Reiki Master.

I am a Registered Member of ACHO, ICGT Cert.

I was first introduced to the Raindrop Technique by a friend  in 1997 in New York. The essential oils used for this procedure, and other oils I  became familiar with,  have been with me ever since. Until recently, formal training was only available in the USA.  In 2012, purely by chance, I found out that it was possible to train in the UK thanks to a dedicated group of therapists, and consequently I am now able to share with others this unique healing experience.

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